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Dmitri Petrovykh

Dr. Dmitri Petrovykh is a physicist who studies biointerfaces, nanostructures, and functionalized surfaces using advanced surface analysis techniques. He is particularly interested in the interactions between biological molecules and surfaces. Understanding and controlling such interactions will help to design customized biointerfaces for biotechnology and nanotechnology: biosensors, DNA microarrays (a.k.a. "DNA chips"), self-assembly of nanostructures, and bioinspired applications in materials and energy.

Dmitri Y. Petrovykh has co-authored 60 publications (h-index=28 from >2500 citations) and 151 presentations.
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Dr. Dmitri Petrovykh has over a decade of experience in the physics, chemistry, and biology on surfaces. He is a recognized expert in quantitative surface analysis of molecular films, DNA and peptide biointerfaces, and nanostructured surfaces and materials.



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