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biointerface.org is an interdisciplinary educational resource focused on biointerface science: the biology, chemistry, and physics of biomolecules interacting with surfaces.

The project started off-line as a collection of research notes, books, review papers, and other materials about biointerfaces and related fields in biology, nanoscience, and surface analysis. A growing collection of resources is now presented online, to provide a basic introduction to biointerface science. This website is particularly targeted at students and postdocs who have a background in physical sciences and who are interested in biointerfaces, biomaterials, biomimetics, nanobiotechnology, or bionanotechnology.

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This website relies on many free resources, which are gratefully acknowledged here:

Key collaborators on research projects described on this website include Aric Opdahl, Hiromi Kimura-Suda, Lloyd Whitman, Thomas Clark, and Franz Himpsel. Other collaborators are listed on the respective publications.

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