Interactions between Science and Society

Science and scientists do not exist in a vacuum. The interactions between science and society are complex and constantly evolving, so even the basic expectations about the role of science or its societal benefits continue to be re-negotiated. These articles describe different facets of science and scientists interacting with culture and society.

When Science Becomes Political

Science does not claim to hold all the answers, but research often provides critical evidence for making political decisions. Scientists then are faced with a difficult task of presenting the complex and technical issues to the general public. The difficulty of such communication is sometimes compounded when the expert community arrives to different interpretations, which can then confuse rather than clarify the political debate.

Diversity in Science

Diversity is definitely a hot-button issue in science, just as it is in society at large. The authors of the following articles debate why (and whether) science would benefit from diversity and how it can be best achieved.